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Since 2017, we are an independent publishing company seeking to challenge genre norms and publishing standards in an industry dominated by trends. We aim to publish fiction that pushes boundaries with an edge that defies reader expectation and believe that unyielding imagination paired with a strong message is life’s greatest magic.

What we do.

Electric Empire Press aims to publish works of young adult and new adult fiction, specifically in the science fiction, fantasy, & romance genres. We strive to publish works that blend unique storytelling and unforgettable characters as we help authors navigate the unmeasurable possibilities in passion, hard work, and independence.

Our authors.

EVIE DRIVER (hypothetically born on December 6th, 1990) could be a Houston-based author of the potentially upcoming new adult romance series she’s codenamed #FosterFairytales. She may frequently post videos about writing and worldbuilding on her YouTube channel.

Happily entrenched in a corporate nine-to-five career, Evie might be a technical writer at an energy & resources company. Some of her theoretical excuses to not write include gaming, anime, and movies, which she could frequently patron with her hypothetical husband.


We are not accepting submissions at this time. Although we appreciate your enthusiasm to work with us, we kindly ask you not to send us any unsolicited submissions until further notice.

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