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We publish authors who challenge genre norms and publishing standards.

We’re an independent book publisher who believes in indie authors with a vision to challenge genre norms and publishing standards. From our inception, our core values include independence, passion, hard work, and freedom. We devote our resources to up-and-coming authors that are starting their writing journeys.

Electric Empire Press is interested in an array of fiction manuscripts, so please check our submissions page for more details.

About Us

Electric Empire Press aims to publish works of fiction of all genres. Specifically, we strive to publish works that challenge the genre norms and standards through unique storytelling and unforgettable characters. We see unmeasurable possibilities in passion, hard work, and independence.

Our values strictly align with the freedom of the authors – and the authors alone. In the ever-evolving self-publishing arena, we reject publishing traditions. Instead, we seek new roads to chart to adapt within this demanding industry. We aim to guide authors to achieve their goals on the writing journey and into the publishing business.

Our Authors

Evie Driver

A young adult science fiction author, Evie Driver currently writes THE GRAVITY SERIES. The first installment, GRAVITY RISING, is in development.  Her writing places deeply flawed characters to the forefront: anti-heroes and villains, specifically. Dark characters and dangerous romance suffer the tough terrain of the desacrated wasteland on the Earth’s surface.

We expect to publish her debut novel late 2018/early 2019. For more information, please visit her website: eviedriver.com.

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